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The Allan Vache Sextette: Swing & Other Things

For lovers of the clarinet a new record by Allan Vache is a jazz event. Allan is a unique player. He is absolutely fearless as an improvisor. He is one of the very few clarinetists who can play to the top of the range – high “C? and even a “D? — without piercing the listener’s ears. His middle and low registers reveal a lush tone that lends his playing great warmth. He makes a sport out of improvisation. Allan’s playing is as inventive — and exciting — as any clarinetist on the scene, today. — Rick Fay, musician and columnist for The Mississippi Rag

Allan Vache: Look To the Sky

A wonderful CD filled with the same kind of surprises one finds when lying in a field on a summer’s day and looking upward. From the moment the CD commences there is an abundance of wonderful playing and arranging… So much to hear on Look to the Sky that you should sit back and relax and find your own stellar moments. There are plenty to go around.